FEBRUARY 10, 2007Victor Hall

Victor was born at home in Hurricane to J. Harvey and Hannah Crosby Hall April 23, 1927. He has two older brothers and one younger sister.

According to his own account, he earned only average grades in school and pursued barely any extracurricular activities, graduating the spring of 1945. Following army service, he attended Dixie College and then the U of U. He had pursued a variety of subjects with great interest but graduated with no marketable skills, so he continued on and reluctantly earned a teaching certificate.

He began teaching fifth grade in Henderson NV and worked towards a masters degree in counseling. After one year as a junior high counselor, he was invited to be an assistant Jr. High principal. Two years later he opted to become an Elementary Principal, a job he greatly enjoyed during most of his tenure.

Victor married Louise Elder in 1950; they have six children who are scattered about the country. Louise retired from her part-time job in 1991 and they then moved to Hurricane where Louise immediately began giving care and assistance to the elderly as well as volunteering every Monday afternoon at the museum.

Retirement in the mid eighties opened up a great new life. He could pursue his interests, which included photography, travel, hiking, history, writing etc. A wannabe painter, he even enjoyed painting houses and painted four of five homes for widows.

A most crucial event was buying a primitive computer in the late 1980’s mostly as a favor to a friend. Soon, some new feature became “necessary” and the money floodgates were opened. Many thousands of dollars later, computers have enabled him to do over a hundred personal histories, articles about local historical and geological subjects, a history of LaVerkin and finally the canal video. Computers have also enabled him to be more effective in church callings. This has all been done without taking fees of any kind. Most importantly, it’s all been fun.