The September Newsletter 2017 

Trek to the “The Man Who Knew Pageant, and a Wonderful Dinner with Nick Scholzen Presenting about His Families Contribution to the Settlement of Hurricane is found in the September Newsletter 2017

Dinner Group at the Clarkston Pageant

Posing After Dinner

Our September Newsletter 2017, starts out with our activities in the month of August.  About 18 to 20 of our group headed out to Clarkston, Utah to view the Clarkston Pageant. Ten of us boarded a van, while the rest went up alone. Most of us met up at the Dinner the city of Clarkston.  We had a wonderful dinner of roast beef, baked potatoes, salad, and all the trimmings.

After dinner we all met up at the pageant site, and were entertained with song and dance, and thoughtful presentation of the life of Martin Harris. He was one of the three witnesses to the Book of Mormon.  After the pageant, those in the van returned to Ogden, Utah.  There we had rented a wonderful home to stay in. (Much more comfortable than a motel!)

Welcome to the SUP Pioneer Village

Pioneer Village Sign

The next morning we headed home.  However, on the way, Gail and Nita Hinton told us of an SUP Pioneer Village set up in Provo. One of their daughters was a docent there. She was willing to come down and open up the village just for us.  WOW!  What an experience. The Brigham Young Chapter of the SUP has created a most marvelous place to visit. There were many original pioneer homes and businesses.  It was an eyeopening and thrilling experience. From there we continued our trek home, arriving in the late afternoon. Congratulation Dan and Asenith Zaleski, for a wonderful time!

Our Presenter

Nick Scholzen

A few days later, we met at the Legion Hall for a sumptuous pot-luck dinner, and a marvelous presentation, given by Nick and Erroleen Scholzen. They told about their families contribution to the history of Hurricane and its growth. Nick is a lifetime citizen of the beautiful community of Hurricane, and like his father and grandfather before him, has contributed a great deal to the betterment of our wonderful little town!


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