Roland as Soldier


A true Son of the Utah Pioneers

As a boy he reaped the benefits of Pioneer labor,

Drinking, irrigating and washing, using the water from the canal.

In time he joined with those intrepid Hurricane Valley Pioneers, planting, picking, reaping, cutting, hauling, and stacking.

As a young man he heeded his country’s call to arms, to the Philippines. Stalwart and brave to stand

Just as brave men and women past heeded their own call to battle, standing strong against these harsh desert lands.

As a man, Dad has carved many a road out of steep, rocky slopes, pioneering routes with his dozer, such as the Smith’s Mesa road. Emulating the precarious canal route, building, creating, working, leaving his mark in the world

As an experienced man, he has worked on the banks of the historic canal – banks built in part by his own grandfather and uncles, making a trail for yet others to follow, accessing a great heritage.Using the very rock his fathers planted to build the massive wall which now protects the pioneer fort at “Look-out Point”, reforming walls long tumbled down – helping preserve the work of hands long still.A true son, to carry on the heritage his fathers left him, not a heritage of gold or worldly wealth, but of honor, virtue and love.