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February Newsletter 2017

Our February Newsletter 2017 deals with Antone Bringhurst was presenting the history of the Bringhurst family. This history took them from the time they left Europe, until they settled in Toquerville, Utah. Moreover, it was a fascinating story, detailing the strength of the marvelous families imprint on the history of this area.  That, coupled with a delicious pot-luck dinner, it was a meeting that all appreciated very much.

The February Newsletter 2017 gives a small introduction to our March meeting, having Jim Rhoades present his true story. His presentation will be about the Thomas Rhoades and Chief Walker Lost Gold Mine.  It is part of the almost lost history of the Church.

The March meeting will honor the Elementary Essay Winner. Also, we will hear from Wayne Hinton on the life of Martin Harris. This in preparation for our trek to “The Man Who Knew Pageant” in August. The newsletter also details the calendar for much of the rest of the year.

This Newsletter also contains the completion of the history of the Hurricane High School.

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January Newsletter 2017

January Newsletter 2017

Chapter Christmas Entertainment

Our January Newsletter 2017 includes the Christmas Dinner we had in December. We had the Golden Corral cater the dinner, and they served up a fabulous meal.  We give our thanks to the restaurant for helping us celebrate this holiday season!

Jay Evans was gracious enough to bring his brother-in-law and entertain us with Christmas music, and some of his own style of music, some of which he wrote himself.  The pair not only sounded great, with Jay on the guitar, and his brother-in-law on the keyboard, but they were very funny as well.  We give our thanks to them for the service they rendered to us.

Our January meeting is announced as well, with Antone Bringhurst, a retiring member of our board, giving us information on the Bringhurst family in Toquerville.  We look forward to his informative presentation.

February is also loaded with entertainment, as we will hear from Brother James A. Rhoades. He has presented this information before, but it has been several years.  He will enthrall us with true tales of the “Lost Rhoades Gold Mine”, or Walkara’s Gold Mine.  Jim is the great great grandson of Thomas Rhoades, who was given the responsibility of obtaining the Gold by Brigham Young.  His presentation will be of great interest to anyone, and they will be well entertained.

We are reminded of the treks we are going to have during the entire year.  Please put these dates on your calendar, and plan to join with us as we learn more about this wonderful area. We will have one two day trek, providing enough sign on.

There is also a continuation of the History of the Hurricane High School, done to and including Wayne Edwards, a member of our chapter!


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December Newsletter

Our December Newsletter has two activities to talk about.  The first began on the 5th of November when we attended the St. George Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum.  It is an older, but beautiful, building found on 100 East and about 130 North. The Museum personnel were wonderful to come to the museum on a Saturday and walk us through it.  They had hundreds of old pictures of the pioneers who built St. George and the surrounding area.  They also had old pioneer tools that were used to tame the land. They has as well instruments of the pioneer age.  It was well organized, and highly interesting to walk through. We were there for about 2 hours.  It is not enough time to really see what is there.  We encourage anyone who hasn’t been there, to give yourself half a day, and go see this museum. It is wonder that helps you realize what blessings we have today because of the courage and dedication of our ancestors!   You might also want to visit our own museum here in Hurricane.

The December Newsletter also tell about our next stop that day, at the “Trail to the Quarry,” site. This is a new trail that the building of has been overseen by the Dixie Encampment Chapter of the Sons of Utah Pioneers.  If you go North on Diagonal Street until you get to 700 West Street, then turn right and go to the end, you will find the trail head.  You will know you are there by the twin pillars and plaque that await you.

jay-evans-2The December meeting will be held at the Hurricane Stake Center on 700 west and near 700 south.  The building is on the left side of the street as you are coming from State Street.  It is the same building we held the National Convention in.  This will be our annual Christmas dinner.  The dinner will start at 6:00 p.m. instead of the usual 6:30 starting of our other dinners.The cost has been set at $15.00 per person, and it will be catered by the Golden Corral Restaurant. We will have profession entertainment, one that has performed in the past, our own Jay Evans.


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November Newsletter


This months newsletter Talks about our October Dinner meeting with Lynn Chamberlain.  He told us about his love of the hills, and wildlife. He talked about the wildlife we have in this area, and other animals he has been able to take pictures of all around the world.  He gained his interest in this during high school from Ralph Dickman, the high school Biology teacher.Mr. Chamberlain told us in great detail about each of the animals he photographed.  It was an amazing presentation.

Our November Newsletter give us a calendar of events from November through December.  November will have two activities in it, one being a trek to St. George and the Daughter’s of the Utah Pioneers Museum, and then on to an new SUP monument Trail to the Quarry.  It has been overseen by the Dixie Encampment Chapter and Wayne Pace, the chapter’s founder.

The 2ndjay-evans-2 event in November Newsletter will be our monthly dinner meeting.  There we will honor two “Modern-day Pioneers” who have been a great influence over their lives to the citizens of Hurricane. It will be held at the Hurricane American Legion Hall, Post 100.  It will start at 6:30 p.m. and the dinner will be pot-luck.

The December meeting will be held at the Hurricane Stake Center on 700 west and near 700 south.  The building is on the left side of the street as you are coming from State Street.  It is the same building we held the National Convention in.  This will be our annual Christmas dinner.  The dinner will start at 6:00 p.m. instead of the usual 6:30 starting of our other dinners.The cost has been set at $15.00 per person, and it will be catered by the Golden Corral Restaurant. We will have profession entertainment, one that has performed in the past, our own Jay Evans.

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National Convention


This newsletter is mostly about the the coming of the National Convention to our community.  We will take you through each day of the convention, highlighting the things that were done.

We began this venture more than a year ago, when Gerry Buckner, our president this year sent in a proposal asking for the privilege of hosting this convention.  It was considered by our national officers, and eventually accepted as the site for the convention.  From that point, there was a great deal of planning that had to be done.  Tom Hirschi, who was serving a mission at the time, accepted to be the convention chairman, but very shortly after arriving home had health issues that had to be attended to.  That put the burden squarely on Gerry’s shoulders.

Committees had to be formed, and chairmen chosen.  This was done, and planning moved forward.  The results were spectacular.  The decorations committee created an atmosphere that both represented the past, but indicated the promise of the theme, “Moving Our Heritage Forward.”  It was stunning!  Congratulations to the wonderful women who accomplished this great work.

Food was provided for four meals, and the food committee had to locate and contract the caterer. This was done, and Houston’s from Kanab was hired.  They did a great job.  This meant that tables had to be set up for the meals, with chairs, servers had to be found for three of the meals, and cleanup crews as well.  All went well.

p1220049There were a host of other items that had to be attended to, but registration was the most critical, and hosts had to be located to help with this.  Thank you to all who accepted this responsibility, registration was smooth and easy thanks to great planning.

and entertainment had to be found and or written.  With Levi Savage and Ephraim Hanks there to help move the evenings along, our entertainment was masterful with the Wilcock & Fawcett Brothersbarbershop-quartet singing barbershop, Eric Dodge and his band, and John Houston and the Gospel Singers.  Plus the group who introduced the new song, “Welcome To Hurricane!”

There was also the speakers during the Saturday morning and afternoon.  Thank you Paul Reeve, Lyman Hafen, and Gerald Lund! You contribution was enormous and highly educational section to our National Convention.

Buses for National Convention

National Convention Tour Buses


National Convention Kolob Tour

How can you have a National Convention without treks, and our tour committee did an outstanding job locating buses, locations, and presenters for the buses, and on site.  These tours to Zion, the Hurricane Mesa Test Site, and Kolob Canyons, Fort Harmony, and Frehner Private Wildlife Museum were incredible.  Thank you for all of your work.

The National Convention committees worked hard to see that we had a successful convention, and our hats are tipped in respect for their hard work and dedication in bringing this convention to fruition with a bang!

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Yearly Calendar.


This newsletter is mostly about the yearly calendar. There was no meeting during the month of July, but we did have a Pancake breakfast for the public at the City Center of the 23rd of July, as we celebrated the day the Mormon Pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley. We appreciate all of those who helped with the breakfast. Gerry, Tom, Steve, Chris, Sanford and others.

The Newsletter carefully goes over the calendar for the rest of the year.  Dan ZaleskiDan Zaleski will be speaking about the CC Camp that was in Hurricane, plus the other camps in the area. The September Event will of course be the National Convention. We encourage everyone in the chapter to register early and show your support for the chapter, and the SUP at national. There has been a great deal of planning put into this wonderful event, and its ultimate success, or failure, will depend upon the numbers who register.

OctobAntone Bringhurster will have Antone Bringhurst present the history of his family and that of Toquerville, while November we will be honoring a new Modern Day Pioneer.  December’s Christmas dinner will be early, December 3rd.

There is also a brief history of the Sheep Shearing Business that sustained the city of Hurricane for several years in the early 1900’s.

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Lyman Hafen & Elementary Essay Winner

Werrett, Rachel Hafen, Lyman




Our June meeting was a very successful event!  Lyman Hafen came to speak to us about the work he is involved in with the Zion Historical Society.  It is a private organization, working within the park to promote the beauty’s of the park.  Lyman is a noted author of Southern Utah history, and a talented speaker. Along with speaking to us on this night, he will also be a featured speaker in our women’s meeting during the convention that will be held right here in Hurricane during the month of September. Lyman told us he has spent most of his life, since being very young, going to Zion.  He has always been awed by the towering cliffs, and the gorgeous reds, oranges, and whites that are exhibited from the canyon walls.

We were also honored to have Rachael Werrett in attendance, a 4th grade student from Three Falls Elementary!  She brought her mom and dad, and siblings, but as well, she had with her the very person she wrote her essay about.  Mrs. Covington was a very charming lady, and it was nice to have her at the dinner meeting.  It is not often that this occurs.  She is Rachael’s great grandmother. Her reading of her essay was great.  Thank you Rachael for your hard work, and congratulations on being the over-all winner.

A calendar of events is given so you can put those dates in your calendars, as well as a new feature.  a brief of the very first ditch riders was given, in a continuing effort to inform our members of the history of the valley. There is also an add for the Convention that is coming in September, and a plea for our members to register to come.  It will be a great event, and we are hoping that our members will help at the convention.

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Michael Beckstrand 2016

Michael Beckstrand Our April Speaker

Michael Beckstrand Our Monthly meeting for the month of April was a wonderful experience.  We had a guest speaker that until 1983 hailed from California!  As a boy he passed through St. George and wondered who in the world would ever want to live there.  Now, after 30 plus years in the area he says he understands why people want to live here. Michael Beckstrand, more commonly known as Mike, or Brother, told us about his heritage, and the amazing stories of ancestors that made him who he is.  The history was great, and the audience was well fed for having been there.

Our next meeting will have Lyman Hafen speak to us about the blessings of the land upon which we dwell.  He is a well known historian in the area, and a popular speaker.  We are fortunate to have him.  Along with his address, we will be honoring one or more of the elementary essey contest winners.  It will be different than in past years.  We hope to have a great attendance to hear Lyman, as well as learn the value of what our children are being given the opportunity to learn.  It will be an amazing evening.

A calendar of events is given so you can put those dates in your calendars, as well as a new feature.  The history of the power in LaVerkin and Hurricane is given, with pictures of the old power house in the Virgin River bottoms near Confluence Park.  Along with that, a copy of the National Registration form for the convention this coming September, and a copy of the daily schedule.  We hope that you will print off the registration form and fill it out, using the daily schedule to decide what you will do at the convention.

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Dr. Paul Gooch 2016

Paul Gooch Speaking 3

Dr. Paul Gooch

Dr. Paul Gooch and the Cambodian Killing Fields

We met this month at the American Legion Hall  to have a marvelous dinner, and listen to Dr. Paul Gooch, a local eye doctor here in Hurricane. The dinner was delicious with a large number of choices in the main course, salads, and desserts. For being “pot-luck,” our dinners have been marvelous. It is like dining at an all you can eat restuarant because of the variety of choices we are given.

Paul came with his son to speak to us about the Killing Fields of Cambodia.  He talked about communism, it’s evils, and how it got its beginning in Cambodia.  As he told us about the killing and destruction that went on,  just so these communist leaders could impose their will on the people, it makes you shudder at the waste of human life, and the disrespect for freedom that should be for all to enjoy.  Dr. Paul caused us to think about our own situation right here in the United States.  The Cambodians were not watchful of their freedoms, and they lost it.  Are we being led down that same destructive path? Dr. Gooch spoke to a group that numbered 59.  We had hoped that he would tell of his own wife’s narrow escape from all of that death and destruction, and the miracle that aided her in her flight to freedom.  However, that was not to be.

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Mayor John Bramall 2016

John Bramall 3a

Mayor John Bramall

Mayor John Bramall is our special guest this month!

We met this month at the American Legion Hall  to have a marvelous dinner, and listen to Mayor John Bramall, current mayor of Hurricane.  John talked to us about the importance of knowing who our ancestors were, and how that relates to us.  He told us how important it was for us to become engaged in doing our own family history, because it helps us to know ourselves better.  It also helps to ground us in the present when trials and troubles come to us.John talked about his ancestry, and learning that he had ties to families here in Hurricane,  John himself coming here from Northern Utah. He spent time talking about things that are happening in and near our little community of Hurricane.  We learned about road repairs, and new roads going in, and had an interesting discussion about state land management instead of federal land management, and what he was doing to aid in the discussion about making the changes that were needed to turn our state lands back into the states hands, from federal lands.

The rest of the newsletter deals with the upcoming calendar of events, March’s activity with Dr. Paul Gooch, telling his story about the “Killing Fields of Cambodia, and remembering two of our members, Ashby Reeve and Lloyd Sandberg, who have passed on.

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