Mary Ann Argyle Standifird was my third great grandma. She was born in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England on February 16, 1846. Her parents joined the L.D.S. church when she was 5 years old. They really wanted to move to Salt Lake to be with other members of the church. They paid  £3,500 (pounds) to the Perpetual Immigration Fund for the trip. They left Liverpool, England on March 22, 1856 and got to Boston on April 28, 1856. They joined the first handcart company and started west on June 9, 1856 and got to Salt Lake City on September 26, 1856. Mary Ann was 10 years old and walked the whole way.

Mary grew up in Bountiful, Utah on a farm. When she was almost 18 years old, she married John Henry Standifird. They had 11 children. John also married Mary Ann’s younger sister Frances. They were called by Brigham Young to settle the Little Colorade River area in Northeastern Arizona.

It was always hard to feed two large families while they were settling this area. One time when John was away working, they ran out of food. They said a prayer together asking for food. Then the children went out to play. The children saw a fish in the creek and called to their mom. Mary Ann came to find the creek full of fish. The whole family went into the creek to get the fish. They scooped the fish up with buckets and their hands and threw them on the bank. They had a feast and had enough fish for weeks.

During this same time, some wild cows were drinking by the creek. Mary Ann had an idea. They caught three of the cows and were able to milk two of them, so they had milk for their families.

Mary Ann had great faith to walk across the country and settle new areas. She knew she could pray when she needed help and her prayers would be answered.