Paula Hirschi Arriola entertains HVSUP Chapter Members on  the History of the Hirschi Family in Southern Utah!

On the evening of the 15th of July, our chapter gathered to eat, socialize, and be entertained by Paula, as she expertly, wove the history of her family into the historical fabric of the settlements of Southern Utah.  From Ulrich, and his family, who joined the Church in Switzerland during the year 1858, through Waldo who is still living with us here in Hurricane.

Gottlieb, the 2nd in the line, was the first to migrate to Zion, arriving at Castle Garden, New York, where he stayed from August 1859 through May 1860, when they left for Florence, Nebraska. Here they joined the Jesse Murphy Wagon Train, and left in June of that year. He arrived in the Salt Lake Valley about 2 months later. He married Marianna Rupp in September of 1861, just before traveling to the Dixie Mission,

They settled in Santa Clara, but before too long moved to Adventure, a town located near Grafton. They found members of that community already moving to Rockville, so that is where they decided to hang their hats.

Gottlieb and Maryanna had several children, among whom was one named David. Most of Paula’s presentation centered around David and his tremendous contribution to the settlement Hurricane, and the success of the banking industry during a very difficult time in our nation’s economic history. David Married Mary Petty in 1890, and moved to Hurricane in 1921. They had a son they named Claudius (Claud) who married Anna Workman, and was already living in Hurricane.  They came to join them.

Claud was one who helped to name the cliffs of Zion, such as “The Three Patriarchs, The Great White Throne, the Great Organ, The Sentinel, and the Altar of Sacrifice. He also became an Icon in the community of Hurricane, taking over his father’s banking interests in the State Bank of Hurricane. He was also a charter member of the Post 100 American Legion, and one of their Commanders.

Our July 2017 Newsletter also gives a continuation of the History of LaVerkin, and the Calendar of Events for the rest of the year.


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