Past Presidents of the HVSUP

During the years that the Sons of Utah Pioneers has been in Hurricane, they have had many men who have served in the executive leadership.  It is not an easy thing to serve as president.  There is an order to what is done.  Before one becomes president he must first serve as President-Elect for a year, then a year as President, then for another year as Past-President.  So, serving in the presidency requires 3 years of service.  This allows those who hold these positions the opportunity to become well acquainted with procedure, and the service rendered brings a high level of commitment.  Many spend the time to go to the National Headquarters for the annual President’s training, then to the regional training that is held in St. George, Cedar or Hurricane. We honor those who have given of their time as Past Presidents of the HVSUP.  Our chapter began in 1986 and has run continuously for the past 28 years. These men have presided over the building of many monuments around the valley, and placing numerous plaques around the city. From helping with the Hurricane Valley Pioneer Park and Museum, to the Confluence Park Monument and the Look-out point, plus many more, these Past Presidents of the HVSUP have worked hard to see that our pioneer ancestry  is honored.  Each past president has left his “footprint” on the legacy that is the Hurricane Valley Sons of Utah Pioneers.


1986 –I. Verdell Hinton





1987 — I. Verdell Hinton





1988 — I. Verdell Hinton





1989 — Robert Langston





1990 — Dell C. Stout





1991 — Ferel Campbell





1992 — Clark Campbel


1993 — Lynn Sanders





1994 — Lynn Sanders

1995 — Walter Church





1996 — Walter Church





1997 — Dell C. Stout





1998 — Harold Cripps





1999 — I. Verdell Hinton





2000 — Steve Stout





2001 — David T. Hinton





2002 — Robert (Bob) Perry






2003 — Lee Beatty





2004 — Marco Grow






2005 — David T. Hinton





2006 — David Isom





2007 — Antone Bringhurst





2008 — Wayne Edwards





2009 — Garth Isom





2010 — Larry LeBaron





2011 — Darwin Leavitt





2012 — Durward Wadsworth





2013 — Devin Ruesch





2014 — Dan Walsh





2015 — David T. Hinton





2016 — Gerry Buckner





Tom Hirschi