National SUP Convention 2016 Review

The Preparation

National SUP Convention 2016 Review: Convention-theme-3

2016 National Convention Theme

National SUP Convention 2016 Review: David-Hinton-2-august-2015

David Hinton HVSUP Past President

National SUP Convention 2016 Review: The beginnings for this convention several months before the convention in Brigham City in 2015.  David Hinton, the then current president of the chapter,  had been going through a booklet produced by early members of the Hurricane Chapter in preparation of a convention they wanted to hold in 1989.  As he looked at this booklet, the idea came that it would be nice to have our chapter sponsor another convention 27 years after it had been in Hurricane before.

National SUP Convention 2016 Review: Tom-Hirschi Convention Chair

Tom Hirshci: President Elect and Convention Chair

National SUP Convention 2016 Review: Gerry-Buckner Chapter President

Gerry Buckner HVSUP President

He presented his idea to Gerry Buckner, who was then President Elect, and would be the President when the convention was held.  He thought it would be a good thing, and so the idea was presented to the board.  The idea was met with mixed reviews and some skepticism, but in the end was finally approved by the board.  Tom Hirschi, who was then on a mission at 6th crossing, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but would be home for most of the planning, agreed to chair the convention.  He had also agreed to be the next president-elect.

So, the stage was set.  We had to make a proposal to National Headquarters applying for the privilege of hosting the convention.  There were 3 or 4 other chapters who also wanted to have the convention, but we had done our homework, and our chapter accepted as the chapter to host the convention in 2016.  We were coming close at that time to the convention to be held in Brigham City, and had to have fliers ready to hand out at the convention. David Hinton was given the responsibility to see that the convention was advertised, and so he began.

To get this flier done, our committee board had to have finalized some important information, such as the keynote speaker, and entertainment.  Eric Dodge and John Houston were approached about performing for us, and they accepted, as well as Paul Reeve.  We had not as yet finalized the keynote speaker, but had ideas for several different speakers, but produced a nice flier to be handed out at the 2015 convention.

National SUP Convention 2016 Review: passing-of-the-flag

Passing of the SUP Flag

At the 2015 convention we had the National SUP Flag presented to us, signifying that we would host the 2016 convention.  This flag was given to us to fly at our monthly SUP dinner meetings each month, looking for the time we would transfer it to the next chapter chosen to host the next convention. It was an honor to display that flag at each of our chapter meetings.


Gerry and Tom went to work to find a planning committee that would help us get the convention from paper into a real operating form.

We needed a registration committee, and that was headed by Gerry and Tom.

We needed a food Committee, and David Isom agreed to help us with that.

The decorations were vital to the success of the convention, and Tina Lundeen agreed to help us.  She had a wonderful committee behind her that consisted of Paula Arriola, Beverly Leavitt, Annette Kleinman, Lenny Brinkerhoff

The Bus and Tours committee was headed by Dan Zaleski

Marketing and Advertisement was headed by David Hinton with much help from Gerry Buckner who spent hours img_1195getting businesses to advertise for the booklet that would be produced. There were 17 businesses or groups from the area that participated in advertising with us.  It helped us get the booklet published a little expense to us.

The Booklet contained an early map of eastern Washington County, with names of early settlements that no longer exist, or old names for existing communities. It also included brief histories of each of the communities of Toquerville, Hurricane, LaVerkin, Virgin, Rockville, Springdale and Zion, along with the story of the canal.  Included in the back were pictures of the area, taken many years ago.