Historical Humor

How do you say the name of Hurricane? Is it pronounced Hurri-cane, Hurracan or Harrican? Well, I suppose it all depends on who you ask. Recently three men were driving along the freeway coming from California. After passing St. George and Washington, they exited the freeway at Hurricane. Noting the “Entering Hurricane” sign, one man said, “Entering Hurri-cane” whereupon the second man said, “I think it is pronounced Hurracan.” The third man spoke up and said that he “was through here several years ago, and was talking to an old timer. He told me it is called Harrican.” They continued to discuss it, and as it was dinner time, they decided to stop at the next fast food place and ask the waitress how the locals pronounce the name of their city. After being served, one of the men asked the waitress, “Will you speak very slowly and distinctly so we can understand it. How do you say the name of this place? “Sure,” she said, “It’s D-a-i-r-y Q-u-e-e-n.”

History books will tell you that the town was named on the 6th of August 1904, and that it is the newest and youngest city in Washington County. In reality, it is much older, in fact it is the oldest city in Washington County. No, make it the oldest city in the world. And it is one of the most important historical and sacred places on earth. This is where it all began: the Garden of Eden. It is also near Zion and Kolob. Let me explain. Shortly after Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden, they had two sons who they named Cain and Abel. This valley is where they lived, and where the boys grew up and played. Every time they Would go anywhere, Cain was always lagging behind. Abel was continually having to turn around and call to him, “Hurry Cain, Hurri-Cain.” The name stuck clear to this very day, and today it is still called Hurricane. But lest we get too puffed up, we must remember Purgatory and Babylon are also in Hurricane

The name of Hurricane is a derivative of an old Indian word Hurrican (Hur ich Can). It meaning is: God of Wind and Water. So, if that is the case, perhaps you can make an evaluation of what the town of Hurricane really is. It is true that Hurricane is bordered on the West by Purgatory, and on the north-west by Babylon, but it is also true that it is near on the borders of Zion and Kolob. If Zion is where the pure in heart dwell, and Kolob is the nearest planet to where God resides, then Hurricane, which is closer to Kolob than Purgatory, must be a “Little Bit of Heaven.”