Founding HVSUP Members

Founding HVSUP Members

Charter Members

When I. Verdell Hinton moved back to Hurricane, he noted that there were many places that needed to be preserved, and learning about the National Organization of the Sons of Utah Pioneers and their desire to memorialize names and places, Verdell went to them and asked if there could be a chapter established in Hurricane.

The National Leadership were excited to set up a chapter in our community, and so utilizing the help of Verdell, men in our community were contacted and given a vision of what could happen if they joined.  The sentiment was high regarding the establishing of  the Hurricane Chapter and so the Founding HVSUP Members met to begin an organization whose legacy would extend into the future, and give old timers and new comers an understanding of the blessings they had been given by our ancestors, who had the courage to move into this desolate and arid place to make it “blossom as the rose.”

Anderson, Bart Heaton, Allen B. Hirschi, Waldo* Beatty, Dennis
Heaton, Kenneth W. Humphries, James Allen Campbell, Keith M. Heaton, Weldon W.*
Isom, Clinton F. Cannon, Lester E. Hinton, Carlon A. Isom, Wayne
Cornelius, Russell Hinton, Glendon M. Jepson, Max G. Cripps, Harold E.
Hinton, Harold Frances Langston, Grant Cripps, Teddy Ray Hinton, I. Verdell*
Langston, Robert J. Dutton, Cecil Hinton, Lawrence H. LeBaron, Larry*
Eagar, Lee J. Hinton, Lynn B. Lee, Richard M.* Hall, Arbon W.
Hinton, Wayne B. Nelson, Marion G. Hastings, Ether Hinton, Wesley B.
Warner, Roland N. Reeve, Leo Jepson, Woodrow Sandberg, Lloyd S.*
Tait, Don C. Sanders, Mack* Tweedie, Wilden Sanders, Mart Lynn
VanDam, Marc Sanders, Moroni W. Wadsworth, John* Sanders, Owen
Waite, Moroni Shamo, George Wayne Wood, Gordon B. Spendlove, Joseph Clifton
Woodbury, Grant Spendlove, Winferd Wright, Grant Stout, Dell C.*
Wright, Sheldon Swyers, Terry

*  = The number of  founders who are currently living in 2014, and active in the chapter.