The December HVSUP Newsletter 2017 

December HVSUP Newsletter 2017

James A. McArthur

  Our December Newsletter 2017 begins with a brief recap of our dinner meeting at the Legion Hall. After a sumptuous pot-luck dinner, James A. McArthur, a native of St. George, Utah, spoke to us of his experiences back in Nauvoo as the President of the Nauvoo Temple. He gave us a brief history of the movement of the Church from New York until they came to Nauvoo.  He explained the Saints desire to see that this temple was built, or its building and destruction. However, it was not destroyed before many of the Saints had made their temple covenants with the Lord.  This blessing made it possible for them to endure the many trials they would have along the Mormon Trail across the country, as they made their way to the Salt Lake Valley and beyond.

The Christmas Dinner is talked about, with the entertainment and new board swearing in that will take place in December.

A brief history of the John Spendlove family, and a short Trivia section of old pictures of current and former members of our chapter.

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