Our April Newsletter 2017 focuses on two events that took place on the same night!

First: We concluded the Elementary Essay Contest on this evening.  For the very first time, all 7 schools in the area participated, including the Water Canyon Elementary in Hildale, and the Common Wealth Home School here in Hurricane.  Also, for the very first time, we had a winner in ever single school!!  Our participation was nearly double our best year in the past, with 76 participants.  All in all, this year was monumental for our chapter as far as the Essays went.  Our chairman, Gail Hinton, did an outstanding job correlating all of this.  Our deep gratitude go out to him for what he did!

Our overall winner was Dana Grygla from the Hurricane Elementary!  She came with her parents and grandmother.  When it came her turn, she read her essay in an easy manner, telling about her great great grandfather, Jonathan Heaton.  Besides telling us of his life, she applied things in her life today that she felt she inherited from him.  Her presentation was flawless, and left us speechless.

For your information, the participation was as follows:  Hurricane had 15 participants; Three Falls had 8 participants, LaVerkin had 16, Springdale 3, Water Canyon 3, Common Wealth 1, and Valley Academy Charter School had 30.  Of those 76 participants, 15 were selected as winners, with 3 of them taking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.  Each participant received a certificate of participation, and all of the winners received at least $10.00 in presidential dollars.  The overall winner received $30.00, and a plaque.

The Second event of the evening was having Wayne Hinton, a professor emeritus at SUU in Cedar City, Utah, speak to us.  He reported on the life of Martin Harris, one of the three witnesses. Although there is much known about him, Wayne was able to shed extra light on his life.  This report helped us to appreciate more the hardships he and others went through during that time.

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