About the Hurricane Valley Sons of Utah Pioneers

Hurricane Valley Sons of Utah Pioneers picture of Hurricane in approximately 1904

Hurricane around 1904

This site for the Hurricane Valley Sons of Utah Pioneers, is about a group of men who are interested in, and dedicated to preserving the memory of the pioneers who conceived of, dreamed about, and became the architects of the beautiful community of Hurricane, Utah. These men want to make sure that the lives of the pioneers who worked so hard make this community possible, will never be forgotten.

Our early community fathers worked hard to make this arid part of the desert “blossom as the rose”.  It took many years, and a few lives, to build a canal that was said to be impossible to build, but having the courage to do it anyway!  It took many more years to till the earth, plant gardens and trees,build suitable dwellings, raise herds of sheep and cattle, before their work would be done, and in truth, we are still growing, planting and building so that Hurricane will continue to reach the vision our fore-fathers had for us.

The comfort we live in today can be attributed to the hard work, persistence and dedication to a cause our pioneer fathers believed in and prayed for.  We, their children and benefactors, are a living testament of that belief and vision!

Hurricane Hill

Hurricane in April of 2014

The men and women who helped to make the large valley of Hurricane come to fruition, came from all of the surrounding towns and villages.

It may be instructive to know that many of the communities that we have in our area today, went by other names in the early days of their existence.

While the pioneers were trying to make these valleys “blossom as the rose,” they lived in places named “Pocketville,” “Adventure,” “Millville,” “Wheeler,” “Northrup,” “Shunesburg,” “Mountain Dell,”  “Bellvue,” and “Bennington.”  Some of these villages disappeared, and other took on other names that we know them by today.  Here is a map depicting these early towns in the Eastern Washington County Area.

Early Settement Map of Southern Utah