May Newsletter 2017


Speaker Dr. Craig DunnMormon Prophet Runs for the U.S. Presidency

Our May Newsletter 2017 focuses on Dr. Craig Dunn’s studies about the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith.  The fact that it was not just about the destroying of the Nauvoo Expositor was one fact. He said that the major reason for the martyrdom was that Joseph had thrown his hat into the Untied States PresidentialPresidential Banner for Joseph Smith Race.  Polls taken at the time showed that Joseph’s popularity was growing at an alarming rate. it was a big concern for his competitors. Dr. Dunn’s evidence  SUP Groupat the presentation was very compelling. There was a nice crowd there to listen to him.  We are grateful for his presentation.

Delicious Meal Served!

The meal, as usual, was excellent, with plenty for all to eat! No one should have gone away hungry. There were numerous main dishes, salads, breads and desserts.  Those preparing the dishes for this dinner did an outstanding job!


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