January Newsletter 2017

January Newsletter 2017

Chapter Christmas Entertainment

Our January Newsletter 2017 includes the Christmas Dinner we had in December. We had the Golden Corral cater the dinner, and they served up a fabulous meal.  We give our thanks to the restaurant for helping us celebrate this holiday season!

Jay Evans was gracious enough to bring his brother-in-law and entertain us with Christmas music, and some of his own style of music, some of which he wrote himself.  The pair not only sounded great, with Jay on the guitar, and his brother-in-law on the keyboard, but they were very funny as well.  We give our thanks to them for the service they rendered to us.

Our January meeting is announced as well, with Antone Bringhurst, a retiring member of our board, giving us information on the Bringhurst family in Toquerville.  We look forward to his informative presentation.

February is also loaded with entertainment, as we will hear from Brother James A. Rhoades. He has presented this information before, but it has been several years.  He will enthrall us with true tales of the “Lost Rhoades Gold Mine”, or Walkara’s Gold Mine.  Jim is the great great grandson of Thomas Rhoades, who was given the responsibility of obtaining the Gold by Brigham Young.  His presentation will be of great interest to anyone, and they will be well entertained.

We are reminded of the treks we are going to have during the entire year.  Please put these dates on your calendar, and plan to join with us as we learn more about this wonderful area. We will have one two day trek, providing enough sign on.

There is also a continuation of the History of the Hurricane High School, done to and including Wayne Edwards, a member of our chapter!


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