National Convention


This newsletter is mostly about the the coming of the National Convention to our community.  We will take you through each day of the convention, highlighting the things that were done.

We began this venture more than a year ago, when Gerry Buckner, our president this year sent in a proposal asking for the privilege of hosting this convention.  It was considered by our national officers, and eventually accepted as the site for the convention.  From that point, there was a great deal of planning that had to be done.  Tom Hirschi, who was serving a mission at the time, accepted to be the convention chairman, but very shortly after arriving home had health issues that had to be attended to.  That put the burden squarely on Gerry’s shoulders.

Committees had to be formed, and chairmen chosen.  This was done, and planning moved forward.  The results were spectacular.  The decorations committee created an atmosphere that both represented the past, but indicated the promise of the theme, “Moving Our Heritage Forward.”  It was stunning!  Congratulations to the wonderful women who accomplished this great work.

Food was provided for four meals, and the food committee had to locate and contract the caterer. This was done, and Houston’s from Kanab was hired.  They did a great job.  This meant that tables had to be set up for the meals, with chairs, servers had to be found for three of the meals, and cleanup crews as well.  All went well.

p1220049There were a host of other items that had to be attended to, but registration was the most critical, and hosts had to be located to help with this.  Thank you to all who accepted this responsibility, registration was smooth and easy thanks to great planning.

and entertainment had to be found and or written.  With Levi Savage and Ephraim Hanks there to help move the evenings along, our entertainment was masterful with the Wilcock & Fawcett Brothersbarbershop-quartet singing barbershop, Eric Dodge and his band, and John Houston and the Gospel Singers.  Plus the group who introduced the new song, “Welcome To Hurricane!”

There was also the speakers during the Saturday morning and afternoon.  Thank you Paul Reeve, Lyman Hafen, and Gerald Lund! You contribution was enormous and highly educational section to our National Convention.

Buses for National Convention

National Convention Tour Buses


National Convention Kolob Tour

How can you have a National Convention without treks, and our tour committee did an outstanding job locating buses, locations, and presenters for the buses, and on site.  These tours to Zion, the Hurricane Mesa Test Site, and Kolob Canyons, Fort Harmony, and Frehner Private Wildlife Museum were incredible.  Thank you for all of your work.

The National Convention committees worked hard to see that we had a successful convention, and our hats are tipped in respect for their hard work and dedication in bringing this convention to fruition with a bang!

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