Little Black Mountain Trek

Little Black Mountain Trek

Little Black Mountain

Little Black Mountain

Saturday, May 28th, a few members of the Hurricane Valley Chapter of the Sons of Utah Pioneers gathered at the Zion’s Bank parking lot, and headed out to visit the Little Black Mountain hieroglyph site.  Why it is called Little Black Mountain is a mystery, because it is neither a mountain, or black.  It is a fairly steep and impressive hill that juts above the ground in the area of Black mountain.  Black Mountain is located to the south, and west of the area we went, and can be seen very well from the site we were at.

Our trek took less than 20 minutes to get to, but was well worth the time and effort to see.  Along with the “red” mountain that is the main object of interest, there are amazing rock formations that surround it!  We were able to see what we wanted to see, and return home within three hours of leaving.  Although this was a short trek, it was amazing to think that we have such a site within such close proximity to our community.  It was well worth the trip, and the companionship.  Below are a few of the pictures we took at the site.


Black Mountain

Black Mountain

Blossom 2

Flora & Fauna

Black Mountain & Sky

Black Mountian Area with interesting Sky and Cloud formations

Boulders 2

Accumulation of rock formations

Cars and Ramada

Parking lot with Ramada & single bathroom

Dinosaur Head Rock 2

Dinosaur Triceratop head

Gerri Close-up

Beautiful Lady

Gerry & Shirley Buckner

Gerry & Shirley Buckner

interesting formation

Interesting formation on top of Little Black Mountain

Interesting Rock Formation

Snake Maw partial formation

Interesting Strata

Interesting Strata at the base of Little Black Mountain

Komodo Lizard Rock

Komodo Lizard Rock Formation





Lizard Close-up

Lizard on rock

Petroglyph 3


Petroglyph Rock




Petroglyphs 5


Petroglyths 2





Little Black Mountain Petroglyph Site

Ramada & Restroom

Ramada & Restroom

Rock Formations (2)

Rock Formation

Rock Formations 3

Rock Formation


Lone Rock


Rock Formation

Python Maw

Snake Mouth

SUP Group 2

Kathy & David Isom, Dan & Asenith Zaleski, David Hinton, Dan & Merry Walsh with grandson, Gerry & Shirley Buckner

SUP Group

Kathy & David Isom, Dan & Asenith Zaleski, Gerri Hinton, Dan & Merry Walsh with grandson, Gerry & Shirley Buckner

Timeline Rock

Timeline Rock

Top of Little Black Mountain

Crown of Little Black Mountain


Lyman Hafen & Elementary Essay Winner

Werrett, Rachel Hafen, Lyman




Our June meeting was a very successful event!  Lyman Hafen came to speak to us about the work he is involved in with the Zion Historical Society.  It is a private organization, working within the park to promote the beauty’s of the park.  Lyman is a noted author of Southern Utah history, and a talented speaker. Along with speaking to us on this night, he will also be a featured speaker in our women’s meeting during the convention that will be held right here in Hurricane during the month of September. Lyman told us he has spent most of his life, since being very young, going to Zion.  He has always been awed by the towering cliffs, and the gorgeous reds, oranges, and whites that are exhibited from the canyon walls.

We were also honored to have Rachael Werrett in attendance, a 4th grade student from Three Falls Elementary!  She brought her mom and dad, and siblings, but as well, she had with her the very person she wrote her essay about.  Mrs. Covington was a very charming lady, and it was nice to have her at the dinner meeting.  It is not often that this occurs.  She is Rachael’s great grandmother. Her reading of her essay was great.  Thank you Rachael for your hard work, and congratulations on being the over-all winner.

A calendar of events is given so you can put those dates in your calendars, as well as a new feature.  a brief of the very first ditch riders was given, in a continuing effort to inform our members of the history of the valley. There is also an add for the Convention that is coming in September, and a plea for our members to register to come.  It will be a great event, and we are hoping that our members will help at the convention.

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