Dr. Paul Gooch 2016

Paul Gooch Speaking 3

Dr. Paul Gooch

Dr. Paul Gooch and the Cambodian Killing Fields

We met this month at the American Legion Hall  to have a marvelous dinner, and listen to Dr. Paul Gooch, a local eye doctor here in Hurricane. The dinner was delicious with a large number of choices in the main course, salads, and desserts. For being “pot-luck,” our dinners have been marvelous. It is like dining at an all you can eat restuarant because of the variety of choices we are given.

Paul came with his son to speak to us about the Killing Fields of Cambodia.  He talked about communism, it’s evils, and how it got its beginning in Cambodia.  As he told us about the killing and destruction that went on,  just so these communist leaders could impose their will on the people, it makes you shudder at the waste of human life, and the disrespect for freedom that should be for all to enjoy.  Dr. Paul caused us to think about our own situation right here in the United States.  The Cambodians were not watchful of their freedoms, and they lost it.  Are we being led down that same destructive path? Dr. Gooch spoke to a group that numbered 59.  We had hoped that he would tell of his own wife’s narrow escape from all of that death and destruction, and the miracle that aided her in her flight to freedom.  However, that was not to be.

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Mayor John Bramall 2016

John Bramall 3a

Mayor John Bramall

Mayor John Bramall is our special guest this month!

We met this month at the American Legion Hall  to have a marvelous dinner, and listen to Mayor John Bramall, current mayor of Hurricane.  John talked to us about the importance of knowing who our ancestors were, and how that relates to us.  He told us how important it was for us to become engaged in doing our own family history, because it helps us to know ourselves better.  It also helps to ground us in the present when trials and troubles come to us.John talked about his ancestry, and learning that he had ties to families here in Hurricane,  John himself coming here from Northern Utah. He spent time talking about things that are happening in and near our little community of Hurricane.  We learned about road repairs, and new roads going in, and had an interesting discussion about state land management instead of federal land management, and what he was doing to aid in the discussion about making the changes that were needed to turn our state lands back into the states hands, from federal lands.

The rest of the newsletter deals with the upcoming calendar of events, March’s activity with Dr. Paul Gooch, telling his story about the “Killing Fields of Cambodia, and remembering two of our members, Ashby Reeve and Lloyd Sandberg, who have passed on.

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