Del Parson

Del Parson Presenting 2We met this month at the Hurricane Stake Center to listen to the fascinating Story of Famous LDS Artist Del Parson. After a marvelous meal, we gathered in the chapel as Del and his wife Lynette told us about how he came to be the artist we know today.  This was done in question and answer fashion. It was interesting and humorous, and well worth attending.

The National Leadership training is explained, and the December event is advertised. The National 2016 calendar of events of interest to us, and next years monthly dates for our dinner meetings is given.


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Don Burton and Parowan

Don Burton and Parowan

We Don Burton 3met this month at the American Legion Hall to listen to the entertaining history of the Don Burton Family.  Don is the Area Vice President of the Utah South Area, having charge of the Hurricane Valley, Cotton Mission, Red Rock, and Dixie Encampment Chapters of the Sons of Utah Pioneers.

His purpose was to give us an idea of the part the town of Parowan played in the settling of Southern Utah, calling Parowan the “Mother Town” of towns and cities south, west, and east of Parowan. He spoke of Parley P. Pratt’s part in its settling, with Don’s ancestors among the 1st to settle there.  His story about “Faithful John” or “Black John” was most intriguing.

November’s activity with Del Parson’s was talked about, with explaining that we would have to change our place of venue to accommodate the larger crowd expected. December’s Christmas dinner was mentioned, with time and place, explaining about the swearing in of the new chapter officers for next year.  The National Convention Hurricane is hosting next year was also introduced.

The History of “Faithful John” is posted below.  It makes for some very interesting reading.

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