HVSUP August 2015 Newsletter

Wayne EdwardsIn our HVSUP August 2015 Newsletter, we talk about the fantastic time we had at our dinner meeting.  The food was great and the company anticipatory of the entertainment to follow.

We learned about the “History of Education in the Hurricane Valley.  Our presenter Wayne Edwards was superb as he told us about the dedication of our Hurricane Founders to the notion of education.  Even he was surprised to find that education was one of the first things talked about as they proposed how to establish our community, and so a small school was set up in one of the homes in the year 1906, the year water came to the valley.     It progressed into a larger home, then to a facility dedicated specifically to schooling, and on to larger schools as our community grew.  We now have 3 elementary schools, one Intermediate school, a Middle School and a High School gracing our community, plus several private schools.  We are truly blessed in this valley with the spirit of education! Besides his role in education in Hurricane, Wayne Edwards has also served tirelessly on the SUP board for many years, serving in our presidency, and has been a faithful member through-out. We should give credit also to Chris Edwards, Wayne’s son for his help with the slide show, and Margene Edwards’ assistance to Wayne.

The 24th of July Breakfast turned out to be a great success, plus we also share our calendar of events for the rest of the year!

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