HVSUP July 2015 Newsletter

Sam Jackson copyMarleen Bussman copyIn our HVSUP July 2015 Newsletter, we talk about the fantastic time we had at our dinner meeting.  The food was great and the company anticipatory of the entertainment to follow.  Sam Jackson and Marleen Bussman did not disappoint us.  Their talent was immediately evident and their presentation was “spot on.”

Their poetry was original and wonderfully interpreted.  We all laughed, marveled and cried as each area of history was given to us.  From Coyotes to Barns and horses to Bulls, we thrilled as these wonder poets shared their talent!

July’s event will also be about the “History of Education in the Hurricane Valley.  Our presenter will be former principal, coach, teacher and councilor of the Hurricane High School.  Wayne Edwards has also served tirelessly on the SUP board for many years, serving in our presidency, and has been a faithful member through-out.  It should be an evening to long remember.

At the end of July and first of August, there is a trek planned to Northern Utah to see the pageant, “The Man Who Knew.”

We also share our calendar of events for the rest of the year!

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HVSUP June 2015 Newsletter

Pilot EjectionIn our HVSUP June 2015 Newsletter, we talk about the fact that our dinner meeting was postponed Sled (4)until July, and we held our fantastic trek to the Hurricane Mesa Te
st Site! We had three groups of people with us, as Cotton Mission joined us as well as “Klick Photo Club”  All in all there were 80 people with us. The trek was wildly successful.  We had a wonderful presentation by Chris Woodbury, Chris Woodbury 2who was in rare form, giving us all kinds of interesting facts.  We visited the track and had lunch.

June’s activity is announced with Sam Jackson and Marleen Busman coming to give us an evening of entertainment with “Cowboy Poetry”. Also, information about the National Convention in Brigham City is given.

July’s event are announced, with a pot-luck dinner on the 16th at 6:30 in the Legion Hall.  Our own Wayne Edwards, a former principal at Hurricane High School, will give a presentation on the “History of Education in Hurricane”. We will also honor the High School Students who won our scholarships.

Click here to see a video about the test site

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