HVSUP May 2015 Newsletter

Top Three Winners copyIn our HVSUP May 2015 Newsletter, we talk about the fantastic April Meeting we had with our Elementary Essay Winners, and a visit by Ephraim Hanks. The attendance was not as good as we had hoped, but the three young essay winners were there anxious and excited to read their essay to the group.  We had a winner from LaVerkin, and Three Falls, and  Valley Academy Charter schools.  The students were wonderful.

Those in attendance had a ballot, and rated each student on their presentation.  While the ballots were being counted, Gerry Buckner came dressed as Ephraim Hanks, and entertained the group with stories about his life. His performance was wonderfully done.  After the voting, the third place was given to Merik, second place to Julia, and the Overall winner was Brooklyne.  We applaud these three fine young students, and all the others who participated in the contest.  There were 63 total essays, with 15 of them being chosen as winners.  For the first time, every elementary school participated in the contest!!!

Four new members are introduced, the May Symposium at National Headquarters is spoken of, and directions given, and also information about the National Convention in Brigham City.

May’s events are given, with a pot-luck dinner on the 21st at 6:30 in the Legion Hall.  Our own Wayne Edwards, a former principal at Hurricane High School, will give a presentation on the “History of Education in Hurricane”. We will also honor the High School Students who won our scholarships.

Also in May, on the 23rd, we will go on a brief trek to the Hurricane Mesa Test Site, where we will be given a tour of the facilities, and history of the site by Chris Woodbury.

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HVSUP March 2015 Newsletter

HVSUP March 2015 Newsletter with Tom and Kitty HirschiIn our HVSUP March 2015 Newsletter, we talk about the fantastic March Meeting we had with Tom and Kitty Hirschi. As in February, the evening started off wonderfully well as the room began to fill up early, and we began to wonder if we would have enough room to handle the crowd. All in all 79 people attended the meeting.  After dinner, which was fantastic, Tom and Kitty told us the history of the Martin Willie Companies from England to their destiny in the mountains of Wyoming. They told several faith promoting stories of members of that company who survived despite all odds.

The Passing of Victor C. Hall, and information about the viewing and funeral were given.  The announcement of the Southern Regional Symposium, and National Symposium are discussed, plus the announcement of the Annual Convention in Brigham City with registration form and itinerary of the convention listed.

April’s meeting introducing the top 3 winners of the Elementary Pioneer Essay Contest, along with the calendar of events for the year 2015. Please place into your calendars the date for each activity for the entire year.  There may be some alteration, but it will be minimal. The Regional and National Symposiums are announced with their dates and speaker, and the National Convention with it’s registration is given.

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