SUP Newsletter October 2014

Shirley Buckner 2October Newsletter September’s activity was changed, and  Shirley Buckner was gracious enough, on the spur of the moment,  to talk to us about some of the fascinating stories that came out of Silver Reef, the first place known to have found silver in sandstone, when it was in it’s heyday.  Her stories of mines and murders and graveyards was interesting!  She told of petrified forests buried several hundreds of feet below the surface laced with silver, gold and other minerals, as well as other incredible stories.

You will also read about October’s activity when Steve Christensen will share the story of his hunt, with his brother, to find out what really happened to his father during the “War to end all Wars”! More information is given about  the events in November in honoring one of our own pioneers, and also more about December;s fundraising dinner.


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