Hurricane Valley Chapter SUP

Serving the area from Hurricane, LaVerkin, Toquerville, Virgin, Rockville and Springdale!
Welcome to the site for the Hurricane Valley Chapter of the Sons of the Utah Pioneers hereafter referred to as HVSUP.   This site is designed to give our visitors a picture of this Southern Utah Area, and a history of its founding.  So you can get a better view of the hardships our pioneer ancestors encountered. you will come to understand what this Southern Utah area was like they had to conquer.  It has been best described by Parley P. Pratt when he first viewed the terrain in the mid 1800s on his “Southern Utah Expedition.”

Southwardly for about eighty miles there appeared a wide expanse of chaotic matter, huge hills, high sandy deserts, grassless, waterless plains, perpendicular rocks, loose, barren clay and dissolving beds of sandstone; in short a country in ruins, dissolved by the pelting storms of ages, or turned inside out, upside down by terrible convulsions.  Eastward the view was bounded by vast mountain tables, one rising above the other, and presenting a level summit at the horizon, as if the whole country had occupied a level several thousand feet higher than its present surface.

Here we offer histories or those ancestors who labored so diligently in the face of great trials and difficulties, as well as those who are currently living.  We give a calendar of events that have happened to the chapter in the past, present, and in the future. We hope that you enjoy your experience as you  search these pages.

David T. Hinton


To learn more about where our pioneer ancestors lived, and what they had to do just to survive, we as a chapter have taken several treks during the years.  Most of them are day treks to local places, but some are two day events that have taken us to places like Clarkston, Utah to see the pageant “The Man Who Knew”, detailing the life of Martin Harris.  We have gone to Flagstaff, Arizona, and the Grand Canyon, as well as  Castledale, Utah to see their pageant there, and various other places on these extended treks.  These outings have been enjoyable and informative, giving us a better understanding of the lifestyle and difficulties these pioneers faced.  Each of these excursions has helped us to come to love and appreciate the monumental effort our wonderful fore-fathers had to put forth to etch out a living and  just survive.  We Honor them!


To Help others remember the trials and eventual conquering of the area, we place plaques and build monuments around the area.  Visitors to our community, and community members themselves can visit these beautiful places and have the chance to, in a small way, remember and visually experience the successful subduing of Mother Nature.

Some of the monuments we have created or helped in the creation of are:  The Confluence Park, Heritage Park, Ghouls Shearing Corrals, Hurricane Canal, Look Out Point, and many others around the area.

We hope that you will find these monuments, and take the time to ponder where you would be without their lives and what they had to do to get us where we are today!


Each month we meet together for a pot-luck dinner to socialize and catch up on each others lives, as well as to be informed about things of interest.  For example, we have learned about the ditch riders who kept the Hurricane Canal in constant sight for breaks or washouts.  We’ve learned about the pioneering of the Vatican and China, as well as the lives of many of the original settlers of Hurricane and their extended families. We have been given lectures from authors such as Blaine Yorgason about how he has come up with the inspiration to write his stories, and the poignant story of one of his daughters in “One Tattered Angel”.  Artists and Photographers have given us insight into their work, and vision of possibilities of the past, present and future. We’ve learned about the Dixie connection to the Mormon Battalion, and what part the Ghould’s Sheep Shearing Corrals played in the success of the building of Hurricane.  For example, did you know that at one time, Ghoul’s produced the most wool anywhere in the world.  The stories we hear are exciting, informative, and help to give us a greater love for these incredible pioneers.